Belkin KVM with funky mouse.

dave walker dave at
Tue Mar 15 21:21:31 UTC 2005

I have a Belkin SOHO KVM (vga+ps/2) and have been using it between a few 
terminal based servers in the past, well there was an upgraded KVM and I 
took this one.  To the point, I am now using it between 3 boxes, Debian, 
Ubuntu and a Windows box.  The debian is console only.  When ever I 
switch out of Ubuntu, to either Windows or Debian and then return the 
mouse stops working right.  When I move it the cursor jumps over the 
screen and sends right and left clicks.  However this problem does not 
occur in Windows.  Why is this, and is there a fix?

Dave Walker
Computer Science House
azrail at

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