Print to PDF

cwaldbieser ulist at
Tue Mar 15 04:18:06 UTC 2005

I don't know how much use this would be to folks using GNOME, but if you
use KDE, you can configure Firefox to print via the KDEPrint system
which includes a PDF printer.

In the Firefox browser address bar, enter


Now scroll down until you find print.printer_list.  Double click it and
type in


Now go to a web page you want to print and choose File -> Print.  When
the print dialog comes up, you will see PDF-Printer in the drop-down,
but that's just half the story.  Hit the properties button, and replace
the default print command with

    kprinter -d "Print to File (PDF)" --nodialog

Now when you print with this printer, you will get a dialog prompting
you for the PDF file location.

Of course, you can play around with the kprinter options (type kprinter
--help at the terminal for a list).  I suppressed the dialog that lets
you choose the printer, because the firefox dialog already let you
choose, but you might want to configure things your own way.


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