Announcing the first release of an accessible derivitive of the Hoary Live CD Array 4

Luke Yelavich themuso at
Tue Mar 15 02:56:47 UTC 2005

Hi all

I am happy to announce the second testing/proof of concept release of an 
accessible derivative of the Hoary Live CD, based on the recently 
released Ubuntu preview. This CD aims to give blind/vision impaired 
linux users a chance to use the Gnopernicus screen reader, and explore the 
many features and applications of the GNOME and Ubuntu desktop.

Upon booting this CD, the Gnopernicus screen reader loads straight away, 
and begins speaking as you move around the desktop and GNOME panels. You 
can read through menus, edit text, surf the internet, and manage your 
files with constant spoken feedback to let you know where you are at all 

Known issues:
* The language and keyboard selection lists are not yet spoken. I am 
looking into this.
* You will get no startup sound or action sounds as you would normally 
get while using the ubuntu desktop, due to the speech server being 
unable to speak when esd is running.
* No console screen reading support, and less than useful gnome-terminal 
reading from gnopernicus.
* More that I haven't thought of yet. :)

* Fix the above issues.
* Braille display support from bootup.
* Allowing speech and sounds to be heard simultaneously.
* Some starter documentation on how to use Gnopernicus.

You can find more detailed information at the following link:

This page doesn't yet reflect the latest changes, but will be updated 

If you find any problems, suggestions, or wish to help me with this 
effort, please send me an email and let me know.

Where can I get it?
A torrent file, as well as the md5sum file and signature file can be 
downloaded from here:


Get my public GPG key here:
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