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Tue Mar 15 02:04:37 UTC 2005

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 02:55:10 +0100, Lars Hallberg <lah at> wrote:
> albi at wrote:
> >yes, ubuntu uses sudo be default, with a disabled root login
> >
> >
> Guess ubunti solves this somehow... But what realy happens when You have
> to log in in singel user mode? A singel user mode without password is
> *realy* no security feature. First fing I did on my ubunu was to run
> passwd as root and set a root password

If a person has physical access to your computer and can reboot it,
you have no security regardless of whether you have a root password or
not. Booting from a floppy or cd it is trivial to access your system
or change the root password.

> To get a 'regular' root-session I type:
> $ sudo bash
> #
> Or use the root terminal menu, but sudo bash is faster if You have a
> terminal runing :-)
> /LaH
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