Root! Root! Root!

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Tue Mar 15 00:59:35 UTC 2005

Ubuntu uses Mac OSX method of sudo.

The first user you created in ubuntu is a sudo user.

So to execute something that requires a normal su command you simply
use for example > sudo emacs /etc/network/interfaces.
This will prompt you for the password

Hope this helps

On Mon, 2005-03-14 at 16:49 -0800, gary hypes wrote:
> I'm encountering what appears to be a weird problem with 'root' user.
> When I installed Ubuntu, as I recall, it didn't allow me to configure
> a 'root' user/password. All I created was a single personal username
> and password.
> Now, when I try using functionality that requires root authority, I
> can run the 'root terminal' and it accepts the same password I use for
> my personal username. HOWEVER: if I try logging in as 'root' directly,
> it refuses to accept the same password.
> Have I missed something?
> My secondary problem: the reason for playing around in root is that I
> mis-configured my ethernet card and I need to change it -- but the
> network config app won't let me change the configuration without root
> privileges, and I haven't figured out how to launch the network config
> app from within the root terminal..
> Any help appreciated. (Currently emailing from Windows.)
> ghypes at

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