No sound when playing .wmv files

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Mon Mar 14 15:23:25 UTC 2005

> I bit the bullet and did it in the wiki.
> Please take a look and provide feedback.

Thanks for taking the time. Procedure was very clear, was done in a

Result : it plays even less files than the single w32codec from the
marillat repo :o(

I have many files that don't play :

Intel Video 5 (avi file)
Real video 3.0

A "Real" file that plays but with problems, the vidoe plays way too
fast, and there is no sound. Video part uses Real Video 1.0, and the
audio uses "Real Audio SPIRO".

It even failed to play the sound on one MPEG video. Sound uses :
"Voxware Metasound"

All in all, that's about 3 dozen files that don't play :o(

May this Gstreamer framework success, and sort all this endless
multimedia nightmares once and for all..... :-/

Vince, trying hard to keep the faith...

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