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Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at
Mon Mar 14 02:18:36 UTC 2005

I'd suggest you check out netatalk (in Synaptic) for AppleTalk file
sharing. You may be able to simply install the package, activate it
and log-in to your user account (I don't know how to start it mind
you... on a Fedora/RedHat based system you use service and/or the
redhat network manager and/or WebMin to do so... in Ubuntu you could
probably use WebMin to turn it on and have it activated at start-up
all the time).

To login to your server: command-K in the Finder, afp (I think)...
afp://IPADDYOFYOURSERVER. then enter your account name and password.

In YDL I merely installed netatalk, turned it on and made sure it
booted at startup and I've got AppleTalk services (no prefs file
settings required changing).


On Sun, 13 Mar 2005 13:56:56 -0500, Matthew S-H <mathbymath at> wrote:
> OK.  Sorry for the slightly erratic subject line.  I just felt like
> being silly for a second.
> Anyway...
> I want to be able to access the hard drive of my Ubuntu machine over a
> wireless network from a MacOS X computer.
> First of all, here are my specs:
> Router
> Linksys WRT54G v2.2
> (Wireless-G)
> Ubuntu Machine
> Pentium 4
> Direct connection to Router via ethernet
> Running Ubuntu (warty)
> 3-5 partitions (formatted with vfat, ntfs, and ext3)
> Also runs Win XP, but I don't use that too much for files and I'd
> rather have it accessed on the network while mounted through Ubuntu.
> Mac
> G4 iBook
> Wireless connection to Router via an AirPort card
> Running MacOS X 10.3.8
> Anyway, those are my specs.  If anyone here is an Ubuntu networking/Mac
> networking expert I'd appreciate some help.  I want to be able to
> access the files on my Ubuntu.  Consider me to be a newb.  I am
> familiar with basic command line tools, and am rather familiar with the
> MacOS, but am not familiar with networking.  If someone could give me a
> step-by-step explanation, that would be great.  If not, pointing me in
> the right direction would be awesome too.
> Thanks guys :)
> ~Matt
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