sound problems after update to Hoary

demon666_nl ulist at
Sun Mar 13 11:40:04 UTC 2005

Pere Quintana Wrote: 
> Hello everybody,
> Two days ago I upgraded my Warty to Hoary. I am using a IBM ThinkPad
> R51 and everything worked well under warty. With Hoary I have some
> little  problems with sound that I think are related.
> 1. I can listen to ogg and mp3 files with no problem. Problems arise
> when using, vlc to watch videos, I can see images but I cannot hear
> anything.
> 2. Under warty I used warty with no problems. Now when I try to call
> or people call me it just doesnt work. The programm does not crash but
> when I receive a call I cannot take the call.
> 3. Mplayer does not work properly (I cannot even see images)
> 4. Whe I start Audacity it displays the following message:
> "There was an error initializing the audio i/o layer. You will not be
> able to play or record audio.
> Error: Host error."
> I hope all these are different faces of a simple problem.
> Thanks for your help and for making ubuntu such a useful distribution
> Pere Quintana
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system->preferences->multimedia selector

audio :
output :
(you should try to play with this one and set your app's in the same
input :


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