Gnome 2.10 liveCD 600E(X) loading problems

cajan cajan at
Sun Mar 13 06:59:13 UTC 2005

The installation disk fails on two thinkpads (600E and 600x) yet it
installs on two different desktops (Celeron and AMD). 
In both the installation fails at the step "Load Installer components
from CD"
The CD_Rom integrity test fails with the notification
"./dists/hoary/main/debian-installer/binary-i386/Packages file failed
the MD5 checksum verification. Your cd-rom or this file may have been
MD5sums on the download and the /binary-i386/Packages file check OK.
If a package file was corrupted would it not have shown in the total
Package Md5sum check?
If the CD-ROM was corrupted would it still load and install on the two

Have tried a lot of the special boot parameters but none help.

Any ideas please? 
Am impressed with 2.10 and the disk in general.


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