fresh off the boat

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Sat Mar 12 18:59:24 UTC 2005

> I take your point about Hoary not been out yet, but it's not got long to 
> go, and I can't see these being fixed by then. 

Yes sure, I didn't mean to say that Hoary would be fixed, I meant that
Warty is already there, and not having the specific issues you (and I
too) are annoyed with, so you could just use Warty instead of Hoary :-)

> What I would -love-  Ubuntu to do is,
> 1, move 3D graphics around as fast as Suse does. Targetware flight sim 
> was fine on Suse.

Don't know what targetware is, but I love flight sims and X-Plane runs
perfectly on Ubuntu Warty, have you tried it ?  It's the most realistic
(from a physics pont of view) flight sim out there, and been very
recently ported to Linux, bit buggy at first, but the current version,
v8.06 gives me no problem at all. Evolution crashes 100 times more often
than X-Plane does !


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