GLX errors

Karl kaha at
Sat Mar 12 17:11:14 UTC 2005

Xfree86 is still in the repository. It's just not the default any more
in Hoary.
Install Xfree86, and Xorg will be removed.

For me, this is just a temporary fix until I figure out why GL games are
causing my Xorg to freeze.

On Sat, 2005-03-12 at 16:56 +0000, baza wrote:

> How did you, 'revert' to Xfree86 from Hoary? It's a path I might take 
> because as it stands xorg is just not up to the job. And if a tool 
> (xfree86) works better, I'd be stupid not to use it.
> Baza

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