Wardriving Ubuntu & /etc/resolv.conf

Joe Potter jpotter1034 at cfl.rr.com
Sat Mar 12 14:28:19 UTC 2005

Hans Poppe wrote:
> Joe Potter wrote:
>>Hans Poppe wrote:
>>>Hi, I recently found a pub/cafe near where I live where there is an
>>>unsecured WiFi that I've been using for some time. In Norway, where I
>>>live, this is not illegal. However a problem has arisen. Lately another
>>>neighbour to the cafe has set up another WiFi base station which is
>>>overpowering the one I used. The new one is also unsecured (ie no
>>>encryption, no ESSID), but the DHCP server on the new router is set to
>>>renew leases every 13 seconds, and at that time the /etc/resolv.conf is
>>>overwritten with a new file, listing only the new routers IP address
>>>( as DNS. It doesn't relay from my machine. So my question is
>>>how can I prevent the overwriting of /etc/resolv.conf? I tried to edit it
>>>(as root), but if I cat the file a immedeatly after exiting vi, the file
>>>is changed, but a few seconds later if I cat it again it is set back to
>>>what it was. I then tried to chown and chmod the file in several ways,
>>>but it didn't work either. Is there a way to work around this? How can I
>>>configure my laptop running Ubuntu with 2.6.8 kernel to find and report
>>>more than the most powerful (I think this is what it's doing) and let me
>>>choose which to connect to? I'm using KWiFimanager, but it only shows one
>>>network. The reason why I think there is a new network is because the
>>>signal strength has increased from 35-40% to 80-90% sitting at the same
>>>table in the cafe :-) I suppose I need software, but what to choose on
>>>this platform? Thanks for any ideas.
>>You need to look at the chattr and lsattr commands. You set the
>>/etc/resolv.conf file so that it will not be changed at all. Then the
>>file will stay as you want it; till you change the file attribute back
>>to normal.
>>Many have done this when running their own name server for a speed up
>>over the ISP nameserver.
>>Good luck.
>>Regards, Joe
> i'm using reiserfs and the output of lsattr is just "------------" and
> filename.
> Man lasattr says it's for Ext2 so I guess I'm out of luck with these two
> commands. I think part of ther problem could be that Ubuntu uses a lot of
> sudo on several programs. I dont't know who/what has rights to
> overwrite /etc/resolv.conf.
> Hans

I am using Hoary Ubuntu just now. I like to use the "root terminal" but 
you may use sudo if you want to from a normal terminal.

Step 1 --->   cd /etc

Step 2 --->   lsattr resolv.conf

this should show --------- as you said.

step 3 --->   chattr +i resolv.conf

this does the change.

step 4 --->   lsattr resolv.conf

this shows the change.

Good luck.

Regards, Joe

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