new cursor set in hoary

Paul Pianta ppianta at
Sat Mar 12 02:14:48 UTC 2005

Hi people

I hope that I am on the right list for this ...

I have installed the hoary preview release and am very impressed by the
many changes. It's funny how the small things often turn out to have the
biggest effect - eg. nautilus remembering window size in browser mode,
gedit line/bracket highlighting, the new updates applet, etc.

One thing that irks me is the icon set used in this release. I remember
warty had a different cursor set that was pretty nice. The real reason I
feel the need to complain about it is really because ... due to the
change of cursor set - my wife will not use linux anymore!

Sound weird - well it is. But many of you know how fickle users can be
about their desktop environment, and so due to one particular cursor -
wifey is over linux. It happens to be the tiny pointing hand cursor that
you see when mousing over a link in firefox - or when opening a
file/folder in nautilus.

I also happen to think that the cursor in question, and the rest of the
cursor set, are extremely ugly, outdated, and rather vomitous to look
at ... but there is no way it's gonna stop me from using ubuntu.

With the excellent work done recently on the 'look' of gnome (ie. the
ubuntu desktop) I really need to ask why has ubuntu reverted back to the
days of black+white 2D cursors? Is this cursor set here to stay?



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