Moving files to Trash/Deleting files

Jochen Skulj jochen at
Fri Mar 11 06:04:32 UTC 2005

I am quite new to Gnome and I like it very much but there are some 
issues that I obviously haven't comprehended so far.

One of the things that makes me wonder is the system behaviour when I 
try to move files to trash (nautilus). Each time I try this I get a 
message that say that the file couldn't be moved to trash and I get the 
option to delete the file instead. According to the trash applet my 
trash can is empty and even try to move a small file (only some bytes) 
to the trash I get the message mentioned above.

On the other side I recently tried to delete mp3 files from my usb stick 
and Gnome/nautilus created a .Trash directory and just moved all of the 
files into it.  In this case I would prefer not to have a .Trash on some 

Is this the normal behaviour of nautilus? Until now I haven't found out 
how to configure the trash applet. Are there any options to change this 
behaviour.  Could it be that my system is somehow misconfigured 
(ownership/access privelege)? I would really appreciate some hints or 

Thank you, Jochen

BTW: I run Warty (in case it's important)

Jochen Skulj
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