How to switch off the annoying beep?

Ed Fletcher ed at
Fri Mar 11 02:35:19 UTC 2005

Christoph Georgi wrote:
> Hi,
> every time Thunderbird receives some emails, my notebook makes this 
> annoying beep. The same beep sounds whenever one tries to click 
> somewhere allthough one can't or when you for example hit the backspace 
> in a terminal although noting is written in it .
> Is there any way to turn that beep off? (sry for my bad expination, but 
> I don't know how to describe better...)
> Thanks for any help.
> .christoph

For new mail in Thunderbird:
Under "Edit > Preferences"  Go to the "General" tab.  The bottom pane 
titled "When new mail arrives", uncheck "Play a sound"

For the other beeps:
Under "Computer > Desktop Preferences > Sound"
Under the "System Bell" tab, uncheck "Sound an audible bell"

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