kernel update, can't boot

Vincenzo Di Massa hawk78_it at
Thu Mar 10 23:21:04 UTC 2005

Alle 20:06, giovedì 10 marzo 2005, geekfu ha scritto:
> I don't have a solution, but I can confirm I too am affected.  I have
> purged and reinstalled linux-image-686-smp and
> linux-restricted-modules-686-smp using rescue mode, but I'm still
> unable to boot.  I receive the exact same error message.
> I would be happy to supply any additional information that may aid in
> troubleshooting this problem.  I'm using another machine to post this
> message.

You could check that you root partition is the same it was before kernel 
Maybe sata<->ide swapping was triggered by the kernel upgrade.
Edit you grub menu and check if changing hda to sda or sda to hda inthe kernel 
boot options.
You can do this inside grub : just hit "esc" to go into the menu and "e" to 
edit the menu item you want to boot from.
Then select the line like:
kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.10-4-686-smp root=/dev/sda3 ro quiet splash vga=788
and change sda3<->hda3.
Hope this helps!
> --
> geekfu

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