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> Am Mittwoch, 9. März 2005 14:57 schrieb Bernhard:
> > For several special reasons I have to convert Microsoft Word 
> > documents into the pdf-format. I know that this task is very easy 
> > if I had access for example to openoffice. However, on the computer 
> > I have to do this task no X is installed (and won't be installed as 
> > well). So anyone knows how to convert a doc to a pdf file using the 
> > shell?
> There is a little shell tool called "antiword", which is in the 
> universe repository of Ubuntu. This tool converts doc-files to ps-
> files, which you can easily convert to pdf with ps2pdf. In the latest 
> version antiword can create pdfs itself, but I don't know if this 
> version is already in the ubuntu repository.
> Cheers
> Katrin
> P.S: I wrote myself a little script using antiword to display doc-
> files attached on emails - so I needn't start up OO for just viewing 
> some docs (it's kinda slow on my machine) ...
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I'd like to see that script, if you don't mind.  Sounds very useful.

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