Hoary Array 6: possible postfix configuration error? - mail.log

Rob Chanter robc at nudepenguins.org
Thu Mar 10 11:21:10 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-08 at 18:56 +0100, Herbert Straub wrote:
>After a fresh install of Hoary Array 6 i see in the /var/log/mail.log file this
>warning and fatal errors:
>  Mar  8 17:28:19 localhost postfix/master[4888]: warning: process
>/usr/lib/postfix/local pid 6998 exit status 1
>  Mar  8 17:28:19 localhost postfix/master[4888]: warning:
>/usr/lib/postfix/local: bad command startup -- throttling
>  Mar  8 17:29:19 localhost postfix/local[7005]: fatal: open database
>/etc/aliases.db: No such file or directory

>and so on. Is this a bug or does i have to configure postfix?

Just running newaliases as root should fix it (or sudo newaliases). The
text file /etc/aliases needs to be built into a binary indexed
map /etc/aliases.db.

You could "locate aliases" to make sure the place Postfix expects to
find the local alias maps (postconf alias_maps) and the actual aliases
file (/etc/aliases according to your logs) match up. Some installations
put them in /etc/mail/aliases or /etc/postfix/aliases.

If /etc/aliases doesn't exist, it's not hard to create one.
man 5 aliases. The usual thing is to alias all the system and role
accounts to root and then alias root to the user who actually runs the
system. Mine just looks like this:

# See man 5 aliases for format
postmaster:    root
# Added by Ubuntu installer
root:   robc

Personally, I'd like to see more standard entries in the default aliases

daemon: 	root
bin:		root
sys:		root
nobody:		/dev/null

and so on, depending on how comprehensively you want to cover system and
application owner accounts.


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