intro docs on migrating from windows?

Duncan Lithgow duncan at
Thu Mar 10 09:58:37 UTC 2005

Has there been any work on a 'migrating from windows guide' for ubuntu?
I've just managed to convince my wife to try linux (I've got triple boot
fc3/Ubuntu/XP) but I find I have to think through all the conceptual
difference myself, one by one.

So, is there such a project SPECIFICALLY for ubuntu? A good (don't hit
me) comparison is those 'welcome to windows version n' screen that comes
up when you first run an install (or re-install or system repair etc...)


PS, Yes I want to help work on it/ start it.

Some related links I know of, both are too complex for my wife who is a
low-level user on windows - so there's no point introducing her to the

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