iPod photo with Ubuntu

Paul Schulz pschulz01 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 07:07:31 UTC 2005

Does anyone have an iPod Photo (60Gb) and sucessfully used it with Ubuntu.
(I'm currently using Warth Warthog).

Things OK using Ubuntu.
- Mounting - Automatically detected and mounted as /media/sda2
(Windows version of IPod)
- Browsing - Can created subdirectories and browse from the desktop.
- gtkpod - OK, but very easy to delete all file. (Sync to 'nothing').

- Repartitioning and reformatting. I have been able to repartition the iPod
  into '/dev/sda1', '/dev/sda2' and '/dev/sda3' and sucessfully put an
ext3 filesystem
  on the third partition.

  (I have since reverted to factory default configuraton, using
Apples' iPod update tool
  under windows.)    

- What I try and transfer a large file (iso image) the transfer will
lockup as about 30s
   to 1 minute into the transfer.

  It 'feels' like the IPod itself has a timeout. As the linux transfer hangs. 
  Transferring large files to other external USB drives on the same machine work
  without a problem. (Large ISO's)

  (This problem occured with both the vfat filesystem (default) and
the ext3 filesystem.)

  After this lockup has occured, the iPod is no longer mounted/unmounted 
  by the desktop, when the USB is unplugged and re-inserted.
Any comments welcome.
I have 1 serivce call available to Apple which runs out end of March.
Any suggestions on what I should ask them?

Regards, Paul

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