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Thu Mar 10 01:50:38 UTC 2005


> I want you to stop sending me any more E-Mails due to fact that I am 
> getting nothing but junk E-mails on stuff that don't pertain to my 
> problem, and you people don't  seem to have a clue on to what to do 
> about my problem or how to fix it. so please just cancel me out of 
> your list.
> Don
I went back to your original posting and the responses you received were 
quite reaonable considering the information that was given in your 
original posting.    There really wan't much to work with.and the 
suggestions that were given indicate that responders  were really trying 
to help.  For one thing, you didn't say that you had no problem booting 
other CDs, for example, those that are for Windows..  

Sometimes a problem has a quick solution when all the details are 
available and sometimes it takes quite a few exchanges to pin-point the 
problem.  In any case,  it makes a big difference in how the problem is 
described.   It may seem to you that you described the problem 
adequately but in order for some people to understand your problem it 
may take a few back and forth
exchanges.  Sometimes a response may not be clear to you.  In that case, 
ask for clarification.

It helps if you've spent some time looking for answers in other sources 
on the web so you may be better able to describe
your problem. on this list..

This may seem like a foolish question but it has to be asked----by any 
chance were you trying to install ubuntu from
from the Live CD  or were you using the Install CD?    Also, .there are 
three versions of CDs available, Intel x86,
PowerPC, and AMD64/EM641..  I don't know which is the one for 
Compaq.--someone else on the list may know.

Also, it may be that something may be amiss in your BIOS.other than just 
the boot setup.  In that case, it's not a ubuntu

What  might help is trying KNOPPIX.   The CD can be used two 
ways......working directly off the CD or it can
be installed on hard drive.   UBUNTU uses separate CDs for this.   If 
you have a UBUNTU Live CD, try that.but
don't try to install it on hard drive---just let it boot itself..  If it 
doesn't boot, the problem is in your computer and it might
be best to look elsewhere for an answer..

Don't give up on the UBUNTU list..  UBUNTU is an excellent system and so 
is the list.

Good luck

alex, the world's oldest linux fanatic (86+)

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