Daily CD 20050309.1/Array 6 Installation Report

Thom May thom at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 10 00:08:29 UTC 2005

* Matt Galvin (matt.t.galvin at gmail.com) wrote :
> Hi all,
> So I tried doing an install from today's daily cd and it suffered the
> same fate as the 20050307 CD (covered in the thread Daily CD Install
> 20050307). It detected the IDE drives as SATA/SCSI drives and failed
> during formatting. Console #3 had the same info as last time and I CAN
> get into console #2 so if someone can tell me what debugging I can do,
> I would love to help find the problem!
can you try the uber-fresh new daily? 

This should resolve the problem for you, but please test and let us know!

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