[Hoary] Apt - Dependencies for Packages

David M. Carney carney1979 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 12:19:31 UTC 2005

I had a power failure last night.

Yeah, I know, I should have a UPS, but I don't yet.....

My Nvidia GLX driver got corrupted in all of this, but that was easily
fixed by simply reinstalling it.

All seems OK except Open Office Spreadsheet (didn't have time to test
the other elements of OO) won't start. It just segfaults when started
from a terminal.

I tried loading OOo2 hoping it might work better, but no luck.

It was working before, yesterday morning to be exact. 

Not sure if this behaviour is due to the power outage or if it was
broken by an upgrade.

Is there an easy way, perhaps through apt to reinstall all of Open
Office's dependencies? Perhaps something got corrupted.


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