Hoary Array 6 and modem connection

Robert Crosbie swingincelt at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 00:23:27 UTC 2005

I tried installing Hoary Array 6 on a friends computer with a US
Robotics 5610 modem (hardware modem).   It seems the install went fine
except for the modem configuration.

When I go to Network Settings, there is a 'Modem Connection' entry,
but its says "The interface is not configured" underneath.  All the
buttons except for Properties are grayed out.  If I select Properties,
all options except for a check box "This device is configured" are
grayed out.  If I enable this check box, I can now enter info such as
phone number, username and password, but the "OK" button is grayed
out! only the Cancel button works, so I loose all the settings.  Help
is quite unhelpful and in fact doesn't seem to reflect the latest
Network Settings dialog.

The Modem Monitor applet behaves the same way.

I was able to configure the modem using pppconfig and following the


Is there a way to get the gui Network Settings to recognize the modem?


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