[warty] Migrating from ntfs to ext3

Steve Haines haines at ita.com.py
Tue Mar 8 21:14:10 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 08 March 2005 15:43, bored2k wrote:
> I don't really have good experience with PM at all.
> I use my beloved Hiren's Boot CD wich contains about 10 partitioners
> -including PM-, and do my Linux stuff through Paragon Partition
> Manager, wich tends to work better for when dealing with Linux
> related stuff .
> Everyone should have this disc.. its a real life saver, and the data
> recovery tools are always good when messing with partitions .
How do you get it? I found the homepage and the description, but no 
indication of how to buy it, order it, or download it? At least at 
first glance, none of the results from Googling told me anything, other 
than it was a good tool.

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