[warty] Migrating from ntfs to ext3

Gábor Iglói mdjake at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 18:11:45 UTC 2005

It can be done - I have seen (with my eyes:) my friend doing a similar
thing. Partition Magic is a very good sw and you can trust it (almost
always). But I recommend that you use ext2 till you finish the
conversion (PM has better support for it) and then you convert ext2 to
ext3 with tune2fs under Linux. And if you decide to do such a big step
then consider a flexible way to partition your drive: eg create a 4-5
GB primary partition for Ubuntu, then make the rest of the space a
large extended partition. In the extended partition you should create
a small swap partition and a big data partition (both are logical
partitions - not primary). Be aware that when resizing a logical
partition you should resize the extended partition first and then the
inside logical one (because the "extended partition" is only a virtual
space for logical partitions). I know its a bit tricky first but I'm
sure you will get the point...

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