Some basic questions on Hoary usage

Edgars Jekabsons edgars at
Tue Mar 8 16:33:56 UTC 2005

Gábor Iglói wrote:
> Hi!
> I would like to ask about 3 issues:
> 1. Where should I mount my harddisk partitions in Hoary to be able to
> reach them on the desktop (under Places or Computer)?
> 2. What to set in gnome-terminal for not handling the F10 key? If I
> press F10 now, the terminal's menu activates - it's a bit annoying
> when using mc in a terminal window and I can't quit.


1. It's /media and then the mounted partiotions show up in desktop.

2. I recall that gnome-terminal, had preferences about key handling, but 
I myself just use mouse to quit mc.

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