[Hoary]order cd's?, Ubuntu promotion at CeBIT and LinuxTag

Sven Wagschal s.wagschal at bengelhaus.de
Tue Mar 8 15:38:33 UTC 2005

Thomas Templin schrieb:
> Thats exactly what I've been talking about.
> And thats what you answered me on my mail asking about Ubuntu at CeBIT 
> on this list a week or two ago. ...
> OK, nevertheless I still see a chance that Ubuntu will win the Linux 
> New media Award for the best newcomer distribution this year. 
> As Skolelinux did last year...
> Bye,
> Thomas


uups, wasn't aware that it was you whom I posted the link last week.

I do not think that Canonical has to be at the Cebit. Even Apple will 
not be there, but there will be others promoting the Mac. So it is the 
same here as with Ubuntu at Cebit.

Besides, Ubuntu is now #1 in the 3-Month Chart on distrowatch. Heading 
for #1 in the 6-Month Range ...



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