[Hoary]order cd's?, Ubuntu promotion at CeBIT and LinuxTag

Thomas Templin lists at gnuwhv.de
Tue Mar 8 12:50:57 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 08 March 2005 12:33, cj pangilinan wrote:
> yes that's it.
> On Tue, 08 Mar 2005 12:19:33 +0100, Hervé Cauwelier
> <herve.cauwelier at nospam.free.fr> wrote:
> > cj pangilinan wrote:
> > > you should receive Hoary CD's.
> >
> > *should*
> >
> > When I read ShipIt would give me Warty CD as long as there are
> > left, I prefered to order later.
That might become a pitfall for Ubuntu.
What if all people will wait 'till the last Warty cd's are shipped 
out? It could last till doomsday until the first Hoary CD's get 

May be it's an idea to have a look on local linux Events and offer 
them Warty cd's. So that will be a chance to spread Warty, promote 
Ubuntu and to feed the pawlow reflex of this people, expecting what 
will bring the next release.

I was at LinuxTag Chemnitz last weekend and there where only a 
handfull of Warty's the Gnome-de people offered at their booth.
And as a guy from credativ told me yesterday only credativ will offer 
Warty CD's at CeBIT fair this year.

As Rosemarie Schuster, Linux New Media, who sets up the OpenSource 
Pavillon at CeBIT fair there are no Ubuntu talks, no presentation, 
nothing at all.

In my eyes it's a shame that all people of canonical, Ubuntu, 
Shuttleworth Foundation don't take this chance to promote Ubuntu in 
Europe. It's like having pearls for free but forget to tell anyone 


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