Ubuntu, heal thyself! (Was: Re: nforce sound issues...)

John Ughrin jughrin at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 8 00:24:31 UTC 2005

So, a few days ago I install Ubuntu and notice to my
dismay that sound wasn't working. I look in all the
volume panels and mixers, turn off all the mutes and
ramp up all the sliders...nothing.

I try installing the nvidia drivers for my nforce2
mobo....then curse proprietary software again. Still
no sound. I fiddle with this new Linux beast on my
machine for a few days.  I figure out how to download
a kernel that's actually compiled for my AMD chip and
a few other packages using Synaptic (that's handy :)
). However, I make no changes to the audio setup
(mostly 'cause I'm unsure how, yet).

Then I boot up into Ubuntu today and get a brief
scare, followed by delight. The boot seems to hang for
a bit (that's the panic part) then proceeds with a
blur of text...I notice the word "ALSA" in the blur.
Once in Gnome, I recheck my mixers and note that they
are all zeroed and muted again. I change all
that...and REM starts coming out of my speakers (which
is good since that's the CD that was in.)

I have no idea what happened, but I have sound now!

"Faith without works is nothing,
 works without faith is still...ah...pretty good."
Jon Stewart, _The Daily Show_ 1/18/2005

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