Recovering a damaged ext3 system, where to start?

Cef cef at
Mon Mar 7 20:51:13 UTC 2005

On Tue, 8 Mar 2005 04:42, Neil Woolford wrote:
> I've now tried booting from the live on my system and forcing a check on
> the (good) file system.  So far so good, I can certainly talk him through
> that on the phone.
> So I've put a disc set in the post to him by express mail :-)

You may be able to get him to boot using the LiveCD, and then take remote 
control of his system/connect to it via ssh. This may or may not work, but 
since you have a LiveCD there, you could try to do this and then instruct 
your brother on how to do that once the LiveCD is running. This could be a 
lot easier than walking him through fsck, as there are no decisions to be 
made on his part. It'll just be a routine to follow.

Once you've got remote control/access of some kind, then you can do your best 
to fix it, and with any luck, he'll be up and running in no time.

 Stuart Young - aka Cefiar - cef at

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