USB net adapter

Gabriel Patiño gepatino at
Mon Mar 7 19:47:17 UTC 2005

I'm trying to use a USB network adapter in my toshiba 7140 laptop.

After installing Warty, the module for the USB adapter (kaweth) was
loaded automatically.

Using the gui network config program, I've added an eth interfase, but
when I try to activate it, it doesn't works.

I've tried using the command line tools, (ifup, ifdown, ifconfig) and
it seems to be that the interface is being loaded but it can't reach
anything beyond itself.

If I try to use DHCP, it cannot get an address, if I configure it with
a static IP, it responds to   its own IP, but cant reach any other
host in the network. (i've already use three different patchcords and
cables, including the one i'm using right now)

Does aybody had a problem with this ifaces?
Any help?

Thanks in advance

Gabriel E. Patiño

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