[hoary] industrial theme doesen't work anymore (partly...)

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 18:32:08 UTC 2005

> I've experienced the same thing. The way that I fixed it is to add the
> Warty repository to synaptic. Then in synaptic find
> gtk2-engines-industrial and goto package > force version.  From there
> pick the warty version. After that I locked that version as well so
> that the update manager doesnt try to update it and mess it up again.

maybe a less messy approach is to report the problem to the bugzilla,
and get it repaired in the next few hours/days (which is the whole
point of Hoary these days:  to flush out these type of bugs)  
Installing Warty's packages into Hoary is probably not the most
user-friendly approach, and probably not a good idea on the long run.

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