CPU frequency control

Lyndon Drake lyndon at arotau.com
Mon Mar 7 17:48:34 UTC 2005


Some time in the last few days, X applications have started running very
slowly - apps that would have been redrawn instantly now take several
seconds (e.g. Gnumeric, Evo, Firefox).  Playing DVDs in Xine still works
fine though.

I'm running a P4 2.5GHz machine with 1Gb of RAM, but when I look
at /proc/cpuinfo it shows the CPU frequency at more like 312MHz.  I had
a look at the CPU frequency monitor applet in GNOME, and that also shows
the CPU frequency getting scaled back as soon as I stop doing anything
CPU intensive.

How can I stop the CPU frequency scaling, or at least limit it to
something a little more reasonable?

Kind regards,

Lyndon Drake <lyndon at arotau.com>

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