Difference: Hoary LiveCD <> upgraded Warty

Maximilian Gerlach m at px0.de
Mon Mar 7 14:56:01 UTC 2005

> The usual explanation is that the user has uninstalled some of the
> metapackages (ubuntu-base, ubuntu-desktop, linux-<arch>, etc.).  We provide
> those packages as a mechanism for new packages to be installed on upgrade,
> so that they match what you would get on a fresh installation.
Well, but I didn't :/ I always care for having all ubuntu metapackages
(for this reason). Also I tried to add a new user to see if any of my
configurations was the problem. But the new user wasn't able to see my
camera, too, for example. I think it's a problem with dbus and/or hal.
Any idea?


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