Array 6 fails on laptop

W. Irving ulist at
Mon Mar 7 12:19:48 UTC 2005

I am having the exact same problems. On a 233MHz laptop.

Grabbed the latest Kubuntu (also Hoary) with the date 4/3/05 05:26. The
installation went well on a newer desktop PC, but just won't work on the
laptop. I've downloaded the file four times, burned the CD(-RW actually)
several times, tried another one (also a CD-RW).. at 4x all the times. I
had previously installed Ubuntu (as well as Debian) on this laptop, so
the CD-ROM seems ok.

Isobuster discovers no errors in the ISO. CDCheck discovers no errors
on the CD (when run on the laptop, from within Windows). I haven't done
an MD5 check, cos I don't know how to (:P), but the CD is kosher, the CD
reader is kosher.. the checksums.. no idea.

Is there a way of telling the installation program not to check the MD5
checksums at all?

W. Irving

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