Two modems on one line????

Chuck Vose vosechu at
Mon Mar 7 06:48:15 UTC 2005

> > In my experience (UK, NZ) the ringing signal generated at the local
> > exchange is run in series through the attached phone devices - if you
> > have too many attached simultaneously, it's possible that *none* of them
> > would ring on an incoming call.

There's no reason to not try, it won't damage your phones and as
stated above the worst that will happen is that no phones will ring.
If you're crafty you may be able to fit both phone cables into one
RJ-11 plug which would be ideal.

If you look on the bottom of your phone you will probably find a
number called the REN. In my phone system my VoIP box states that it's
good up to 3.0 REN which means I can have any number of low REN phones
on the network as long as their total REN adds up to less than 3.0. I
have no idea what the phone company promises but perhaps they can tell
you if you call.


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