ATI or Nvidia??

Robert Valk roberre at
Sun Mar 6 21:56:35 UTC 2005

> I install nvidia-glx, replace "nv" by "nvidia" in xorg.conf, and add
> "nvidia" to /etc/modules, like I do in Warty, but when I reboot, X goes
> to start, then hangs on a black screen, hard lock.
> No Nvidia splash screen, no GDM sound no nothing...

	did you run the 'glx-config enable' command? (It's called that or 
something similar).
I'm running Hoary on a laptop with a FX5200 go chip - no problems.
Also try and remove references to kernels for other architectures eg: 
if you';re running i686, remove all the i386 kernels you have...


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