Japanese Input solved

Gábor Farkas gabor at nekomancer.net
Sun Mar 6 20:09:00 UTC 2005

nashife wrote:
> Also, this isn't quite as related, but I"m also trying to change the
> keys that turn on and off the IME.  Do you still use shift+space? If
> not, could you tell me what you've got in your ~/.uim file? I'm trying
> to learn the syntax... particularly how to get my windows key (Super_L,
> right?) to be part of that key combination.

i'm usint control+shift+space:

my .uim file:


(define default-im-name 'anthy)
(define-key anthy-latin-key? 'generic-off-key?)

(define-key generic-on-key? '("<Control><Shift> " "<Hyper> "))
(define-key generic-off-key? '("<Control><Shift> " "<Hyper> "))

;(define-key generic-on-key? '("<Hyper> " "<Super><Hyper> "))
;(define-key generic-off-key? '("<Hyper> " "<Super><Hyper> "))


btw. i also tried to use the windows key (it's called Hyper in uim if i 
remember correctly), but i always had problems with it. actually i don't 
remember if i only had problems in mlterm or in gtk2 programs. but then 
i've "found" control+shift+space, and it worked fine for me.

p.s.1: i use scim now
p.s.2: ubuntu (hoary) has uim-0.4.5. there is already uim-0.4.6, but 
it's not yet in ubuntu. it should contain some gui tools for managing 
the settings ( 
http://www.geocities.jp/ep3797/multilingual_input_uim01.html )


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