Re-visiting install / setup.

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Sun Mar 6 19:17:34 UTC 2005

I think the command you are referring to is "base-config", but if you
just want to fix the available display resolutions, you can run

sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86

if you installed warty. (I haven't installed hoary, but I assume you
would just change "xserver-xfree86" to something like "xserver-xorg".) 
This will step you through all the X configuration stuff.  Don't change
anything except the display resolutions.  Then restart X
(ctrl-alt-backspace is one way to restart it).

N.Pauli Wrote: 
> Dear All,
> Right at the end of the initial configuration process, just before you
> reboot, the install process kindly gives you a command you can enter to
> re-visit this process. Like a complete idiot I didn't write this down
> and I now want to re-do the screen configuration. Can anyone tell me
> what this command is?
> I'm stuck at 640x480 on a 17" monitor and rather than giving me a range
> to choose from the display tool has only this option.
> Thanks,
> Nigel
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