SCSI chains, quick question...

troutrou ulist at
Sun Mar 6 10:05:55 UTC 2005

Okay, spent the night on it, now 10AM, it's all working !

In the end it was the SCSI controller ! 
I had faith in that 2940 best seller, but I dug out a much more modest
2904 I had lying around. Does only 10MB/s, has no BIOS, can't boot on
devices, can't do much really ! But, it works ! 
I now have my SCSI scanner and internal CD writer, working perfectly,
happy together ! It reads Audio CDs, Data CDs, burns perfectly, scanner
works like a charm...

Yeepee ! :-)

No need to waste money on a new CD writer, that good old Plextor still
works like new !  

Ahhhh, always persevere, never give up ! :o)

Vince, happy bunny.


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