Hoary Array 6 Atheros Wireless problem

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Sat Mar 5 21:55:57 UTC 2005

On Sat, Mar 05, 2005 at 01:55:07AM -0800, x x wrote:

> <html><body><span style="font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"><font size="2">Hi.
> Just installed Hoary Array 6. Upon installation, my 3com 3crdag675
> (atheros based) gets detected, but cannot dhcp info from my router. I
> manually enter my IP address and continue installation. When booting
> into hoary, I cannot find the /dev/ath0 device, and when i do a ls -R |
> grep ath in /lib/modules, no atheros modules (ath_pci, ath_hal) are
> found. Consequentially no atheros stuff is found when doing an lsmod
> ... Is this an issue with array 6 or am I missing something here ???<br>

There seems to be a problem with the current installation CD snapshots which
causes some drivers not to be installed, including the Atheros ones.

You can work around it by installing the "linux-386" package by hand for
now.  Colin will be looking into it on Monday.

 - mdz

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