[Hoary] Evolution 2.1.6 Changes

R S Gill rsgill at purdue.edu
Sat Mar 5 18:25:14 UTC 2005

Evolution is just a memory hog, and just a pain to use. Switch to 
Thunderbird and let the happy times begin.

WhyThunderbird isn't the default e-mail client is beyond me.


David M. Carney wrote:

>I've noticed some recent changes to Evolution on my up-to-date i386
>Hoary box.
>I have a special folder setup for Ubuntu list traffic. All Ubuntu list
>traffic is filtered to this folder.
>Until recently, I could highlight a message in the Ubuntu folder and
>right-click on it. 
>Several options were presented to me, one being "Reply to List".
>This option no longer appears. It is still in the Actions menu, but that
>is a bit inconvenient.
>Also, ctrl-a selects all messages in the message window. Hitting ctrl-k
>afterward would mark any unread messages as read. This no longer works.
>It is also "greyed out" permanently in the Edit menu.
>What gives?
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