SCSI cd emulation

Vincenzo Di Massa hawk78_it at
Sat Mar 5 02:59:46 UTC 2005

I noticed that the last 2.6.10-25 kernel detects my CD/DVD drives as scsi
Matt explained that it is because there is a new patch into 2.6.10-25 which 
fix sata cd detection. 
This pacth makes system to hang on boot (before init startup) when detecting
the cdwriter.
2.6.11 does not hang at boot, but during execution.
I get a lot of "scheduling while atomic" (or something similar) errors in 
dmesg, the sistem is slooow and after some time it crashes. gam_server 
becomes crazy on 2.6.11.
P.S. My mobo has an ICH5R chipset form gigabyte.

Has anybody the same problem? Can anyone help me to disable the patch? Is 
there a kernel option to pass to grub to prevent libata to handle ide cds as 
scsi cds?

Regards, Vincenzo

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