funny fonts in plain text email (Re: nautilus rename file

Philippe Landau lists at
Fri Mar 4 11:25:24 UTC 2005

>>toyfactory wrote:
>>Nick, the font of your emails
>>prints quite irregular character-shapes in hoary utf8 thunderbird.
>>it looks like a thunderbird bug because the source suffers this too.
>>could it come from your
>>X-Sasl-Enc: aWqlGZ63aMcsG1rtjMPtVmBrOkPYYtN8ZrYF4KeeY8Dx 1109927481,
>>are others seeing this too ?

oh, i see Nick explained it already:
> Sorry about my unattractive text!  It's a plain text email, but it's
> probably set to the Shift-JIS charset (it's to do with the webmail I
> use).  Perhaps your browser or email client is trying to display it as
> Japanese text.  If it bugs you try changing the encoding in your browser
> or email client, or set it to use nicer fonts for asian text.  Sorry
> that's not very helpful, if it's a problem for everyone who receives my
> mails I'll try to play with my email settings.
and i thought all the time you try to use some artsy fonts ;-)

kind regards     philippe

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