Bittorent ?!

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Fri Mar 4 04:57:19 UTC 2005

> > Other problem I noticed with Bittorent, is that also it's using only
> > 30KB/s as I am typing this, I should have 90KB/s of bandwidth left to
> > surf the net, plenty enough for smooth surfing. But als no, internet is
> > about as slow as dial-up !!
> Yeah, that's because BT is probably using all of YOUR upload banwidth, so the requests and acknowledgements your browser needs to send get lost or delayed. In fact, even BT's own download speed suffers if you let it grab all of your upload bandwidth! It helps to slow it down a bit, with the --max_upload_rate parameter. Allow it to use about half of what you've got, and hopefully you'll find there is plenty left for surfing, and possibly even BT downloads will work better.


I had a quick look at the man page, then, stopped the download and
restarted it this way:

"btdownloadcurses --max_uploads 1 --max_upload_rate 1  <file to get> "

It instantly cured all the problems ! The speed steadily rose and after
one minute or so, eventually reached near full speed (110KB/s out of
125), remained constant, and surfing the web was very fast !

Thank you thank you thank you !! :o)))


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