Is there any way to speed up apt-get ?

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Fri Mar 4 04:50:12 UTC 2005

Vincent, did you say you can get 20mbps ADSL? That doesn't sound
right... I don't believe ADSL can even go that fast. I'm pretty sure
the max is around 8mbps, and you said you could only get max speeds of
15kbps when downloading x-plane? Did you try anything else, or like a
speed test? It just sounds a bit fishy of how you can get 1mbps for 20
euros/month, and 20mbps 30 euros/month. There's too much of a
discrepancy. It really does seem unlikely that France would have such
fast speeds for such a cheap price. Technology wouldn't differ in cost
that much between countries. Hell, US is the cheapest country I know
for technology products and hardware. Every other country I've been to
has higher prices when converted to USD and usually people don't
receive anywhere near the amount of money people in US do. I remember
in Russia a Geforce 5700 Ultra cost around 300 dollars, about 6 months

Broadband is getting much cheaper in New York City. Right now I'm
getting 3mbps/768kbps from Verizon for 30 bucks a month. Many people
here have roadrunner cable which I think offers 5mbps downstream
bandwidth, at a similar price, but of course you have to have cable
too and pay for that in addition.

And adam, I was wondering how much you pay for that 10mbit/1mbit
connection in the suburbs? The connection speed isn't the limiting
factor in my household, it's the price :). Technically I'm pretty sure
we can get 10mbit line from Verizon for more money. Hell, you could
get a 100mbit line, but only for huge magnitudes of cash piles haha.


On Wed, 2 Mar 2005 13:41:35 -0800, Bob Nielsen <nielsen at> wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 06:42:28PM +0100, Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
> > > Not only does the US lag a bit in internet speed, the costs here tend to
> > > be somewhat higher than in many other countries.
> >
> > Hmmmm, how much costs 1Mbps in the states ?
> > The cost of life in the US is way higher than in France. Here I pay
> > about 20 Euros for 1Mbps cable, and 20Mbps ADSL costs about 30 Euros.
> > About 40 USD at a rough guess.
> > But here most people earn only about 1,000 USD per month, and still have
> > to pay some income tax every year on top of that.
> > I don't think on can live decently in a US city with 1,000 ?
> > So even if you pay say 100 or 150 USD per month for broadband, its still
> > cheap by US standards...
> It varies quite a bit.  For 1.5Mb down/896kb up, I pay 48 USD, $28 to
> the telephone company for my ADSL connection and $20 to my ISP (bridged,
> one static IP, no usage restrictions).  Until a few months ago it was
> slightly more expensive and only 650kb down/256kb up but technology
> improvements and competition have helped.  Cable would be a bit cheaper
> if I subscribed for television (I have satellite) and slightly higher
> without for a data rate of (I think) 2Mb/sec.  Satellite internet is
> more expensive (around 70 USD per month, I think) and is mainly used by
> people who cannot get a fast connection otherwise.
> I think that the cost of shopping and dining are slightly higher in
> France than here (but less than in England), although housing (also high
> in England) is less expensive than most places in the U.S.  We are taxed
> less but pay more for medical care (although now that I am over 65
> years of age, the government medicare program covers much of this).
> >
> >
> > > When I was in France (Roubaix) last year, I noticed that there were many
> > > more internet cafés than I have seen in the U.S.
> > > I suppose that is somewhat a reflection of the lower computer/people ratio there.
> >
> > Definitely ! There are still tons of people who don't have a PC here,
> > and many of those who have, don't really use internet to it's full
> > potential. each of my parents have one, but they don't even master
> > e-mails ! It really very very very basic stuff. All my mom wants from
> > her computer is... "Freecell" ! :-/
> Yeah, my wife is the same way.  She stopped using email after getting a
> bunch of spam but likes "Pysol".
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