Bittorent ?!

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Fri Mar 4 04:09:39 UTC 2005

Other problem I noticed with Bittorent, is that also it's using only
30KB/s as I am typing this, I should have 90KB/s of bandwidth left to
surf the net, plenty enough for smooth surfing. But als no, internet is
about as slow as dial-up !!
When I download direcrtly from the Ubuntu server, in the "normal" way,
it uses my full 120KB/s bandwith, but as soon as I try to load a web
page, it instantly slows down, to let the page load fast, then speeds up
again, so I can download fast and surf fast at the same time, it's a
"win-win" situation.
Bittorent is very slow, yet also forces the internet to be slow, it's a
"lose-lose" thing, not very appealing if you ask me !! ;-/

Vince, trying to understand...

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