first MOTU meeting summary

Oliver Grawert hostmaster at
Thu Mar 3 20:10:00 UTC 2005

hi community,

this is the summary of the first MOTU meeting, 
held on march 03 2005 16:30 UTC

* the first topic * 
...was processes and policies for NEW packages (packages that are not in
debian yet)

- the MOTU will set up a wiki page with a list of these packages, so
debian can easy grab them for ITPs

- every package that enters universe as NEW package must get crossreview
by at least three other MOTUS

- the upstream for such a package must actively maintain the software.
if this is not the case, the MOTU getting it in is automatically
responsible for the upstream work too

- packages that are securitywise suspicious (...contain a suid binary
for example) have to get additional review by the security team.

* the second topic * 

- a MOTU team is always led by a MOTU

- the teams are separated by their interest/package selection

- every team needs a short description on its MOTUTeams wiki page

- every team needs a list of the maintained packages on its MOTUTeams
wiki page

- a team member doesnt need to be a MOTU

* third topic *
The right way to handle upstream bugfixes

- we want to have cool web/mail/rss/baz based architecture to publish
our changes to make it easy to merge them back to debian if desired

- we also want to merge as many changes back to debian as humanly

- we'll do minor changes as well as larger and infrastructural stuff,
but try not to rip apart the debian packages completely

- a wiki page will get set up for more suggestions on the topic for
discussion in the next meeting

- malone might already offer parts of the desired infrastructure 

* the fourth topic * 
malone -
(with introduction from sabdfl and summary from bradb for the malone

- the universe traffic should be easily manageable by malone

- there is still stuff to do, but we can hopefully get universe imported
within a week (depending on what the gina guys can do)

- we need a session to demo malone, and ensure it's usable for a first
go, for MOTUs purposes

- ogra (OliverGrawert) is malone point of contact for universe; dholbach
(DanielHolbach) is malone backup contact for universe.

- march 7th the demo run starts

* fifth topic *
handling of the #ubuntu-motu IRC channel

- the channel topic will be unlocked 

- there will be no ops in the channel

- a list of people gets registered at ChanServ to gain op rights if

* sixth topic *
prevent our approval process from slowing down through a raising number
of candidates

- a wiki page will get set up to collect suggestions for discussion in
the next meeting

* seventh topic *
opportunity of a MOTU dedicated mailing-list

- a decision about the ML got postponed until the MOTU team has reached
a higher headcount

the next MOTU meeting is scheduled for march 31 2005 17:30 UTC
MOTU meetings will be held on a mothly base from now

thanks for reading


the MOTU team

(please forgive typos and broken grammar - i'm not natively speaking
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