Fried motherboard replacement?

Brian Durant globetrotterdk at
Thu Mar 3 13:14:07 UTC 2005

Hi again,

My computer guy tells me that there is a high probability my Soyo
Dragon Plus! motherboard is fried and that I should start shopping
around for a new one. Naturally, my first question is what works well
with Linux? While my experience tells me that it changes slightly from
distro to distro, there are some general rules. As an example, my Soyo
board never worked that well in general with Linux. I don't want to go
all the way and get an AMD 64 bit capable processor and board as AMD
has a rep for being difficult to get to work well. Not my experience,
but if no one here in Jakarta will touch AMD with the proverbial 10
foot pole... My computer guy recommends Asus, but I have no idea if
they are the bees knees in Linux or what. Are any of the new Intel
motherboards any good in Linux? If nothing else, can someone direct me
to a URL where I can find recommendations?



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